social media facebook

Social Media Facebook

How easy is it for a pedophile to pick up an underage child using social media.

With fake profile on facebook posing as a fifteen year old boy with the parents permission i friend requested three girls ages 14 13 12 years old been talking to these girls for the last three or four days in today were supposed to meet up what we found in this video is shopping in something.

Everyone should see sure to watch until the end and use what we’ve learned in this video to better educate and protect your friends and family.

by: Coby Persin

The early supervision toward children about the danger of internet should be done by giving an understanding and feedback directly to the children. This step is very important because the development of internet nowadays has touched to all level of ages. How can it happen? It happens because you can simply take an example; I-Pod and tablet which are used to play the game by your children require an internet connection in order to be able to play the online game. The rapid growth of internet is far different in our childhood era in which at that time we only play a traditional game and it didn’t require any network or connection which is called as internet.

Child Playing iPad

Child Playing iPad

The supervision becomes very important, it is not only because the internet can connect people who are in far distance, internet also can influence the socialization in real world. So, the good understanding about internet to the children should be done firstly by the parents, and if you let your children use it in uncontrollable manner, your children will fall into an unhealthy internet activity such as pornography, something which is very prohibited for early child.

Giving the positive understanding about the use of internet to children including the strict restriction and prohibition about certain content is needed, besides it can increase the positive behavior of the children in early time, this also can help the children to avoid the dangerous materials/contents such as bullying and violence in internet that will cause a bad effect for children.

The most effective ways to supervise children in using internet are:

  1. Give your children a scheduled time to access the internet. This method can be useful to not only give her/him the time to play in the internet but also give him/her the good understanding, there is the time to study and there is the time to play.
  2. in order to be easier to supervise the children directly, please put the computer at the room where the parents can access that. You can tell them when they grow up, they can get their own personal computer (laptop).
  3. Impose a sanction/punishment to children. If they access the internet beyond the scheduled time for example they use the internet at midnight by using reason to work down the their homework (but the fact is they are chatting).
  4. you can use the wi-fi internet network which is controllable at your home at the situation where you have many gadgets at your home. You can hold a full control toward the internet access itself. What time it needs to be set on or off is on your hands.
  5. Install the monitring app (like mSpy) or protection software and spyware to block certain content (adult content). This is very important, because it will not be everyday you can supervise/control your children directly.
  6. Give the positive suggestion directly via internet. You can train them to have a corresponded email, learn together about internet, online learning, or just give him a study about how to make an article.

The healthy internet learning by parents will impose a good value for your children in using the internet.

By teaching and giving the understanding to children in early age, at least we have instilled the meaning of using internet positively. The uncontrollable use of internet can endanger your children, moreover at this era the negative content is everywhere and it is easy for children to imitate it.

So those are the tips of how to protect your children from the dangers of internet, hopefully it is useful.

Handphone for your children as a student? Is it a good idea or bad idea or it’s an absolute needed?

school classroom

school classroom

In the past we don’t have a technology like handphone. Nowadays, we have had it and we think that it supposes that we can’t live without it. It seems that handphone becomes one of the most important parts of our life. If we take a look at now, there are many students that bring their phone to school. Is it really urgent or it just a part of wasting money? The article below will discuss about the problem the use of handphone and its effects at school.

Positive Effects

  • There is no doubt that handphone is probable to connect someone directly in urgent situation or otherwise. The student who owns the handphone can at least make their parents feel comfortable because they can call each other if there is a change of family schedule or plan, an urgent direction and so on.
  • If there is a children that doesn’t bring his/her handphone and at the same time the parents need to call their children, they can call the children via school phone number. As the result, the worthy time can be lost or even worse, the connection of school is in a problem. The school should also appoint someone to call the intended student and deliver the message or call the student to the office to accept the message.
  • One of the benefits from the use of handphone at school is that it can be used as a helper tool. A handphone is featured by some accessories such as calculator, camera and internet. Those apps can be used to help people in academic field.

Negative Effects

  • Alongside with the growth of applications which are available in handphone (smartphone especially), it also influences the concentration of your kids in their study and learning process holistically. When the phone rings in the class, although it only rings on a silent mode, the teacher will pause the teaching activity and it has been proven to be the big lost for all students in the class.
  • Some students maybe can report the bombing threat as the joke. They also can use the handphone for illegal activities such as drugs dealing, robering etc.
  • Internet apps in the smartphone give the opportunity for children to cheat. The students can refer the internet to search the answer when the test occurs, or they can bring the cheating materials in their handphone. It can halt them from working hard.
  • Sometimes, only the students from a wealthy/rich family that can buy handphone. It can cause the social problem such as the jealousy, stealing, and bullying. The adaptation process in the school will be harder because of social inequality.

The steps to solve the problem is by discussing it with the school and parents so that it will create an effective solution. The most important point is that; is the use of handphone have positive impact that is directed to the education, or it merely carries the negative effect?

It is so important to protect your children from the danger of internet especially during their growing time to teenage time. Here are some steps which have been done by parents in protecting their 4 children toward the negative influence of the internet. Hopefully it can be the useful information to depict us as people of Indonesia about how serious the parents in Germany in watching the development of their children regarding to the virtual world.

Childrens Browsing Internet

Childrens Browsing Internet

1. Putting the Computer at Working Room/Private Office

At Büro (working room), there are PC and Laptop which can be used by all members of family who need it, including the childs. It is so prohibited to take the laptop to the children’s bedroom or to parents’ bedroom. By using this regulation, parents can supervise the activity of their children in computer/laptop, even the working room has been equipped by CCTV for 24 hours. What exist in my mind is that about how serious parents in Germany in watching out their children in using the internet even they put CCTV. (Even they move at that extent, what a serious parents!)

2. Making the Regulation

The regulation which is put at working room/private office

“The regulation for internet user” :

  1. Avoid all illegal materials
  2. Please don’t click the ads 😀

Hände weg von allem Illegalen (Avoid All Illegal Matters)

As we have explained before, there are some illegal materials in internet:


Download everything from internet

This is the most usual activity that I always do in Indonesia, when there is a song or film that interest us, we can simply download it for free through internet. There are also some sites that provide the most updated files such as 4sared, stafband, mp3rid, gudang lagu, etc.

But in Germany, every downloading activity is prohibited. Either for music file, movie, image, and including all downloading activities are prohibited to do. It is preferable to prohibit the children from downloading the files which have a copy right, because the children are still unable to differentiate which files that attach the copyright or which files do not.

Upload File di Internet

Almost the same with download, upload the file to internet is also risky. Moreover if the file which is uploaded is other’s work. Germany is a country which is so strict regarding on copyright. Someone who has been proven guilty from violating the copyright by disseminating the files into file sharing’s site will be fined by huge amount of money.

In contrast to download, uploading files with copyright status have a bigger risk. Moreover if you use a sharing file’s application such as Torrent, it is highly suggested for you to avoid that!

Since the beginning, the parents in Germany teach their children to respect and appreciate other’s works. To listen to the most updated music or movie, people in Germany usually buy directly the original CD/VCD.

Accessing the sites which contain the pornography

Actually, sex education for all children in Germany is not something taboo anymore. The parents should never feel reluctant in explaining to their children about what is sex, about the fact that the man and woman commit a sexual intercourse to gain the generation/baby, and how the teenagers see the puberty age and the anxiousness. But those cannot be obtained through internet! “Children are prohibited to access the sites which contain pornography because it will only destruct their mental”, said the mother of those 4 children.

Using Social Media

Except oldest children (15 years old), they are not allowed to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, dll. The reason is because they are still not be able to filter the information which are so many in social media. It can be true that the information is good for them, but it also can be true that the information which are put on social media is not suitable with their age.

Playing the Game

In the case of playing the game, the children can play the game in certain time but it should not be a game that uses internet connection or online game. They can operate the game which has been installed in the computer. There is a case that the children do not obey the regulation and they keep playing the online game. When the mother sees that, the mother punishes the children for 2 weeks to not play the computer and watch the TV. Parents in Germany will never feel reluctant to impose such punishment to their children so that it will give a deterence effect.

  • Bitte Nicht auf die Werbung klicken (Please don’t click the ads)

For this second regulation, after the child asks their mom, the mother explains that there are many ads on internet which is trapping the users. The mother explains that even she herself has ever been trapped by the ads which spread on certain website. It will be better if we avoid it, moreover for children, don’t even click the ads.

Indeed, one of the things which is very obnoxious when you access the internet in Germany is that there are too many disturbing ads. Either it is in the form of pop-ups or the automatic ads on new windows but you never require it to appear (I don’t know what type of ads it is).

The experience here is the children that ever clicked the ads with the lure of a game with prizes. When it appears on the screen, it appears with many types of mobile phones and you can simply click wherever spot you need, but in fact it is just a trap to enter their sites. Huh, therefore, you should remind your children not to click the anything in internet.

3. Restrict the access time of using internet

Schedule up the time to access the internet

How old are you ?

Children and teenagers from 7 – 11 years old : 1 hour

Teenager 12 years old: 1 jam 30 menit

Teenager 15 years old: 2 Jam

I think this regulation has been so clear to restrict the children in accessing the internet. Using internet excessively will give a negative effect for your children.

4. Check the browser’s history

Checking the browser history which have been accessed by your children after they use the internet is something compulsory for the mother. This step is very important in supervising the online activities of your children. Even the mother need to remind their children to not delete all the browser history. If you find that your children have dissapeared some site’s histories, you should give them the punishment.

5. Become the friend of your children in Social Media

This point is applied for the oldest child who has been able to use the social media such as Facebook. Fortunately the mother is someone who is “exist” in virtual world, so she can intensively stalk the profile of their children to watch their attitude and activity and that is a good trick. Oftenly the mother criticizes directly the profile picture or the status of their children which herself thinks that the content is not proper.

6. Discuss it with your children

It is very important to discuss about the activities of your child when accessing the internet. It is true that during dinner, the children should explain their activity during a day such as in school, the learning activity in the class, who is the teacher, and etc. It is also applied when the family has a dinner, the children should explain their activities which have been done by them, including the activity in internet.

Here are the steps that have been conducted by Gastmutter in protecting their children from the influence of internet. Therefore, it is very orgent to instill the ethic in accessing the internet, either for friendship activity in social media, even moves to the extent about how to appreciate/respect the copy right of others by not easily upload/download the files in internet.

Hopefully by this information, it can be a full depiction for the parents upon how to protect your children wisely in using the internet.